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You’ve Got the No Props Book, Now Watch the Activities Come Alive

Unlock the entire playmeo database featuring 530+ fun group games including every activity in the No Props book FREE for 30 DAYS. If you like what you see, you can continue your membership for less than half the price of our annual Pro plan.


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You’ve got the book, now experience what the activities in No Props No Problem look like, sound like and feel like, and so much more.

Every activity in No Props No Problem is linked to the world’s largest online database of group games & activities hosted by www.playmeo.com – all you have to do is scan the QR code displayed with any activity, and voila! A whole new world will open up for you.

Join today and enjoy 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to unlock the entire playmeo database currently featuring 530+ fun, interactive group games & activities.

You’ll also get full & unlimited access to:

  • New member onboarding resources to get you up & running in no time
  • 280+ exclusive activity videos (with real groups)
  • Exclusive community space to share, connect & learn from others
  • Create playlists of your favourite activity sequences
  • Record your favourite (liked) activities for future reference
  • Exclusive discounts on books & resources
  • 60+ training videos to enhance your facilitation skills
  • Scheduled member-only training webinars
  • Online learning courses (coming soon)
  • Free 1:1 sessions with playmeo expert.*

* after 30-day trial

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You get 100% FREE access to all of playmeo’s resources for 30 days as soon as you join.

If you like what you see,  you can choose to continue your membership for 12 months for only $54 per year (half the standard Pro plan fee) for every year after that. If this is what you want, do nothing – your credit card will automatically be charged this discounted fee at the end of the 30th day.

Psst... this is actually the cheapest way to become (and stay) a member of playmeo.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, cancel within your 30-day free trial period and you won’t pay a cent.

Please note, when your 30-day free trial expires, your credit card will be charged and no refunds will be permitted. You can read our simple cancellation policy here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make the most of your book purchase and join our annual Pro (30-Day Free Trial) plan today.

  • Dr Amy Climer headshot

    I love playmeo! I wish this site was around when I first started facilitating!

    Amy, creative consultant, USA

  • Headshot of Chad, group facilitator, wanted to improve leadership skills and use hundreds of activities

    Since discovering playmeo, my facilitation has improved ten fold. It's that simple.

    Chad, group facilitator, USA

  • Headshot of Sean de Morton, reborn PE teacher who uses playmeo's resources to produce engagement with his students

    I’ve been using playmeo for 6 years now - it's been like being re-born as a PE teacher.

    Sean, pe teacher, Australia

  • Jo Blannin headshot

    I use playmeo whenever I have groups of adults or children that I want to work together.

    Jo Blannin, educator, Australia

  • Headshot of Karl Rohnke tribute author of Silver Bullets, playmeo contributor

    Note to all adventure facilitators - you need to join playmeo.

    Karl, author & adventure programmer, USA

  • Justin Robinson headshot

    What an amazing resource the playmeo database is - I couldn't recommend it any higher.

    Justin, pos-ed teacher, Australia

  • Headshot of Dave, youth minister, who says playmeo is is go-to activity spot

    Many icebreakers fall short, but playmeo's are super-reliable - it's my go-to activity spot.

    Dave, youth minister, USA

  • Headshot of Brooklyn, corporate trainer, was looking for the best activity resource

    playmeo is THE best activity resource available anywhere - the activities & videos are so valuable.

    Brooklyn, corporate trainer, USA

  • Headshot of Will Ratcliffe, who is leading team-building activities using playmeo

    playmeo is my go-to resource for leading team-building activities.

    Will, adventure programmer, USA

  • Micah DeLong headshot

    playmeo has breathed new life into our programming. Thank you for this great resource.

    Micah, group facilitator, USA

  • Headshot of Gisela, trainer, says the playmeo is a complete activity website

    playmeo is THE most creative & complete activity website - it's absolutely amazing!

    Gisela, trainer, Dominican Republic

  • Michael Nelson headshot

    playmeo has excellent customer service, too. I wasn't expecting this level of care & attention.

    Michael, international school, Saudi Arabia

  • Headshot of Seth Houser, recommends playmeo because he has replaced his activity books with playmeo subscription,

    Thanks to playmeo, I now have 20 activity books that are sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

    Seth, camp leader, USA

  • Headshot of Mark, outdoor program co-ordinator, loves using playmeo to search for activities

    There's nothing else out there that allows you to search for activities so specifically to fit your needs.

    Mark, outdoor program coordinator, USA