Front cover of Serious Fun book by Mark CollardIf you are looking for my free program templates, and have not been automatically redirected to, please click this link or the blue button below.

You will be able to download forty (40) of my favourite program templates (as described on page 195 of my best-selling book Serious Fun,) each one of them jam-packed with tons of fun and value.

For ease of access, I have divided the templates into five categories:

  • Get-To-Know-You Programs – highly interactive sessions which invite people to laugh, mix and share.
  • Fun Community-Building Programs – fun programs which strengthen relationships and generate lots of positive energy.
  • Team-Development Programs – interactive sessions which purposefully develop trust, communication and team skills.
  • Conference Energisers – simple, fun exercises suited to large groups of people in seated environments.
  • Warm-Up & High-Energy Programs – high-energy sessions which aim to raise a sweat and a lot of smiles.


Download the forty free program templates by click ing the link below.

Download Free Program Templates


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All of the activities referenced in Serious Fun are sourced from playmeo’s online database of group games and activities.