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Here are a bunch of proven, tried-and-tested programs that you can implement to help your team get along and be more productive.

You can download 40+ of our most popular DIY (do it yourself) program templates, drawn from the book Serious Fun: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Remarkably Fun Programs that Make a Difference by Mark Collard.

With every DIY program download, you get simple step-by-step instructions and practical leadership tips to make you look like a pro.

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Team-building with Helium Stick activity

Office workers redefining back to school programs

40+ Free Program Templates


The DIY templates are divided into five outcome-driven categories. Click the relevant links to download dozens of ready-to-play programs instantly.

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The DIY Program Templates featured on this page are also offered as a bonus to purchasers of the Serious Fun book by Mark Collard, playmeo’s founder & CEO.

It is the best-selling guide to learning how to lead interactive group games & activities to help people connect.

Highly practical, it will equip and inspire you with the skills and strategies you need to create remarkably fun programs that will engage your group and invite them to play, interact, share & build trust.

Available in hard-copy, audiobook and digital formats.


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