Outrageously Fun Community-Building Games for 30+ People

The best times I can recall as a member of my local youth group were the outrageously fun games we played during many of our weekly gatherings and occasional camping programs.

The need for fun was obvious to everyone, but looking back now, I can understand that the intention of these group activities was woven into everything we did and no doubt helped to build healthy connections and a trusting community with my peers.

Hence, the motivation for sharing the program in this week’s post.


Fun Community-Building Games (60 mins)


Many of the games uploaded to playmeo’s activity database are sourced from my time as both a youth group member and leader. The following program features some of my favourites, ideally suited for 30+ people that will easily soak up about 60 minutes of play.

Keep in mind, the sequence I share below is not intended to be too prescriptive. Be sure to acknowledge the unique needs and abilities of your specific group and sequence your activities and variations accordingly.


Props: bag of jelly beans, set of UBUNTU Cards, paper & pens for each group, list of ‘objects’

Jelly Bean Trade – this brief activity is as delicious as it is useful in inviting your group to mix and mingle with others. If you have set it up well in regards to the even distribution of colours, you will have created a bunch of random teams, too.

UBUNTU Cards – there is no shortage of superlatives I could use to describe this highly versatile resource. Use these cards to present a medley of non-threatening activities that focus on the common bond that exists between us all, eg this is a tool that is all about community-building.

Finding Nemo – this is one of my all-time favourite quick and addictively fun group games. It has never failed to invite my group to interact, have fun and shriek with laughter at the end of a round. Be sure to play multiple rounds and introduce a few variations to keep the game fresh, eg Bruce.

Pictionary – finally, another show-stopper that has never failed to impress the groups I work with, not to mention help form team bonds. The more people you have, the more list holders you should employ to make the job of sharing the various objects quick and easy. It’s helpful if your group knows the rules of the commercial board game, but if not, be sure to explain what is and is not kosher when it comes to the art of drawing to keep it fun for everyone.


Front cover of Serious Fun book by Mark Collard, featuring Serious Fun book offerStart with this basic framework and then change one or more activities with those you believe would be more appropriate for your group or program needs.

This template is drawn from my book Serious Fun, in which I include 40 x free program templates, all with simple step-by-step instructions. Click the link below to purchase today.


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Stay tuned for more.

A new program template is published each month.


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