Bring your remote workers or virtual class together with fun & engaging online icebreaker games.


Online icebreaker games and trust-building activities are a great way of overcoming one of the challenges of managing a virtual classroom or remote staff team. Challenges can include the lack of opportunities for team bonding, building rapport, and driving engagement among members.

They also help break down barriers between people, keep the team spirit up, and create a much more open, connected and friendly online environment for everyone.

With these in mind, why not try an icebreaker as a warmup exercise the next time you are running a virtual work meeting, or for class introductions?


Benefits of Online Icebreaker Games


Without icebreaker games, your virtual team may become less motivated and engaged over time, as well as become overwhelmed with any feelings of isolation and loneliness. Here are more benefits why online icebreakers are worth investing in and adding to your next meeting:

  • They make for better introductions. Using icebreaker games can quickly engage the team and make introductions of new people more memorable and personal.
  • They encourage a relaxed atmosphere. Icebreakers inject fun and laughter into any meeting, which creates an open and relaxed atmosphere that encourages interaction and bonding.
  • They get everyone thinking creatively. Communication and relationships are not the only things that icebreakers can help improve; they can also stimulate creativity. Think about it: a speedy but effective icebreaker game can be an opportunity for humorous storytelling and introductions.
  • They prepare everyone for what comes next. Icebreakers are responsible for setting the tone for the rest of the meeting and act as a springboard into the brainstorming and planning session.

If you are interested in activities that would squeeze out your creative juices and encourage critical thinking, we’ve got you covered with our team puzzle games!


Online Icebreaker Ideas


Are you worried that your upcoming virtual meeting might be boring or unproductive? Check out these online icebreaker game ideas from playmeo’s expansive activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content!

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