On Being Intentional: A Dedication to WiLL WiSE

Ten days ago I learned that a good friend and colleague of mine died.

His name was WiLL WiSE – husband, teacher, dad, mentor, coach & author.

WiLL was the co-founder of We And Me, along with Chad Littlefield, the creators of We Connect Cards and We Engage Cards. WiLL also wrote the wonderful book Ask Powerful Questions.

His passing hit me hard.

Maybe you know WiLL or maybe you don’t, but either way I am sure you noted the deliberate display of his name – he was nothing if not intentional about who he was being in every moment of his sweet life. His desire to spell his name with a little “i” was very deliberate because he believed there were too many I’s in this world and not enough WE’s.

Enough said.


Two Powerful Quotes


This week, I dedicated my two Learning Pod sessions to WiLL. His presence was very much felt.

In it, I shared a couple of his favourites (virtual) We Engage Cards.

To open my session, I shared this quote by actor Alan Alda:

Alan Alda quote

WiLL taught me the power of really listening to another person. Not just waiting my turn, and not just hearing the other person’s words.

To truly listen is to be open to the possibility of being changed or influenced by the other. WiLL occurred this way for people in every engagement he had. Indeed, facilitating a program I offered him to deliver just 6 weeks ago, the overwhelming feedback from his small group of participants was that they enjoyed a “beautiful, fun and transformative time” because WiLL listened to them.

I concluded with a second quote, this time from Oprah Winfrey:

Oprah Winfrey quote

Living in Melbourne Australia, I often lamented to WiLL and Chad how much I wish we lived around the corner from each other because they are two people with whom I choose to surround myself.

I had the fortune of meeting WiLL only a couple of times face-to-face, and many times virtually, but his presence was always felt. Indeed, since the day of his passing, his guidance to focus on WHO WE ARE BEING has stayed and resonated with me so strongly I could swear he was whispering in my ears at times.

Thank you Will WiSE, for sharing your gifts with this world.

I am forever grateful for your influence on me as a teacher, dad, coach and author.

You will be sadly missed.


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