New Small Group Problem-Solving Activity

Take a look at this video, illustrating a new, fun small group initiative called the Orange Game. Then read my comments below.

Now, did you notice an error in the narration? It did not specify that one person must start with an empty hand. If you follow the rules as they are explained, it’s impossible to play.

To make it easier, I’d substitute the fruit and lovely coloured t-shirts with coloured balls or pieces of card.

Also, as an alternative, I would suggest challenging a group to identify the ‘system’ that produces the desired result in the least number of moves. Each round starts with the ‘fruit’ in the hands of the same people, and the group attempts to solve the problem with as few moves as possible.

Have you seen this group problem-solving activity before?

Do you have other variations beyond the circle and straight line versions? If so, please share below…

Thanks to Michael (a playmeo subscriber) from Germany for sharing this.

Have FUNN.

ps: since being posted here, playmeo has added this exercise (with a ton more content) to its online activity database, called The Passing Game.


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