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playmeo was busy sharing a bunch of new group games & activities last month.

In case you missed them, I want to tell you about three of these activity uploads in particular, all very different to each other.


Wiki Journey

Stolen from my friend Chad Littlefield, I just love this endlessly fascinating internet-based game. It works perfectly for virtual gatherings, as much as in-person programs. All you need is access to a smart device and the internet. The results you can expect will be different every time. Perfect for filling in a few idle minutes, or ramping up the challenge for high-performance teams.

One-Line Electric Fence

The history of this variation of the classic group initiative the Electric Fence harks back to a time when I was engaged as an expert witness in a court case involving a serious accident on a ropes course. If you’ve ever lead the original version of this activity, or are simply looking to add a dynamic teambuilding exercise to your repertoire that you can fit inside your pocket (yes, it’s that small,) this is it. Hands down, it is probably one of my most favourite and commonly presented problem-solving activities. Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. Click the link to learn more.

Deeper Why

A good friend mentioned this powerful contemplative reflection exercise in passing and before I knew it, I was digging deeper and deeper for the why being my answers. I’m going to predict that you’ll fall into the same trap as I did when responding to four of the simplest yet most thought-provoking questions I have possibly ever been asked. Your group will too. Check it out, click the link and explore it with your group today.


If you’re new to playmeo, our members get access to tons of new interactive group games & activity uploads every month.

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