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Language is My Most Potent Tool

Phil from NY asks me to share what would be one of my top pieces of advice in regards to the soft skills required to BE an excellent group facilitator.

Here’s the essence of my reply…

… As a nurturer of groups, language is one of my most potent tools. The words and the manner in which I use them can mean the difference between people feeling forced to participate, and freely willing to get involved. Only one of these outcomes will truly empower individuals and groups. In practical terms, it may mean using the word “invite” more often than “you have to.” This is not a case of pedantics, it’s about language aligning with a powerful philosophical framework in which choice is truly honoured…

What do you think?

What soft skills feature in your facilitation which distinguishes you from other group facilitators?

These skills are often discussed in the Leadership Tips section of activities featured in playmeo’s activity database, as well as many times on our Facilitator Tips video tutorial series.


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