Engage your participants, help them get to know each other & encourage better communications through a set of fun & interesting icebreaker questions.


There’s no better way to break up the tension and start a wonderful program with a set of Icebreaker questions to get the ball rolling.

When facilitating programs and group activities, it is always a good idea to have everyone get to know each other which will help you achieve the goals of your program and activities successfully.

These types of questions are not just for everyone to get to know each other. They also give participants a chance to warm up, feel comfortable, and be excited for the activities to follow. They can help set the mood for a fulfilling day of fun and enjoyment.


Essential Characteristics of Icebreaker Questions


Set things in motion, create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and avoid dull beginnings by choosing unique and creative questions to ask. This type of activity is used by a lot of people so you don’t want to end up using one that’s been heard so many times before.

Ideally, your icebreaker questions should have the following characteristics:

  • Non-personal and non-intimidating to keep them engaged. You don’t want to ask questions that are too personal, otherwise, it might intimidate and discourage participation during any other activities.
  • Be funny or lighthearted to liven up the mood. No matter how serious your activity or program’s goal is, there’s nothing better than lightening up the mood with a fun question.
  • Interactive to encourage participation. Get people to warm up with an interactive question that everyone will want to take part in.
  • Unique and creative to inspire interesting answers. Good questions must be something new to stir up excitement among your participants.
  • Relevant to your activities. Try asking questions that are relevant to the purpose and goals of your program.


Creative Question Ideas


Find out how unique and interesting questions can make all the difference in making your program or day of activities a big success.

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