Ice breaker games for youth groups are among the most widely used activities for young people to get to know & be more comfortable with one another.


Planning youth group meetings and activities such as summer camps can be tough. Especially when you have new members who are shy and soft-spoken, it can be hard for them to open up to the rest of the group.

To get everyone comfortable and encourage interaction, you should have a few ice breakers prepared for meetings and introductions.


Benefits of Ice Breaker Games for Youth


Injecting fun little ice breakers before or during meetings and sessions for kids has a lot of perks, not only for the participants but also for the facilitators too. Ice breaker games help:

  • transform a dull meeting into an energising, special event;
  • introduce people to one another in fun, convenient ways;
  • participants relax and feel more at ease in interacting with each other;
  • kids understand the value of friendship and learning about other people;
  • make participants more receptive and productive;
  • facilitators determine how each participant is faring in terms of skill or knowledge development; and
  • leaders and facilitators learn about the different personalities in the youth group.

An important thing to keep in mind when conducting any group games for youth is that the activities’ success relies on the facilitator or leader’s enthusiasm. If they don’t appear to be invested in the games they’re trying to get the participants to do, the children won’t be interested either. The best way to go about conducting these activities is for leaders to do the games with the kids.

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Ice Breaker Game and Activity Ideas


Kids, tweens and teens particularly like fun and challenging things, so ensure that your ice breaker activities are stimulating, enjoyable, and encourage building connections.

Here are some of our youth group ice breakers drawn from playmeo’s online activity database that will kick off all your meetings in a fun, engaging way and help your members feel more at ease with each other. You can use these for class, youth club meets, summer camps, and more!

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