Highlighting Our Newest Activities

It’s been a few months since we featured the release of our newest activities that have swelled our ever-expanding online database.

As you may have read, we celebrated a big milestone in December 2021 when we uploaded our 500th interactive group game.

Among the latest batch to be shared are the following five gems.


Five Finger Contract

This is one of the simplest, most practical methods I know to introduce and establish behavioural norms with my groups. No special props are required, and it’s infinitely adaptable to suit your program needs. One of the reasons I love it so much is because I can very quickly remind my group about what they committed to by asking them to look at their hands.

On Par

Contributed by one of our enthusiastic members, this dice game of chance is a fast-paced, high energy game that will suit all ages. You’ll need to download the scoring sheet, but the rest is easy and your group will catch on quickly.

Bank Robbery

This group problem-solving activity is one of three similar types of puzzles that will challenge your group to really listen to one another. Download a set of clues and distribute them to your group explaining that they have everything they need to solve a fictional crime – Who robbed the bank? If you like this team puzzle, you’ll also love playing Twelve Bits and County Fair.

Active Listening

Perhaps you could introduce this exercise before the one above? Active listening is a skill we could all choose to get better at. If you sense that there are some in your group that are simply waiting their turn to speak when others are speaking, this would be an ideal exercise to introduce.

Culture Shock

This fun, chaotic communication exercise has been a part of my repertoire for 30+ years and so I’m pleased, finally, to be able it. No props are required, just a set of three instructions to guide the interactions of three randomly divided teams. Be sure to allow ample time at the conclusion of the activity to invite your group to reflect on what happened, and in particular, what it all means to their everyday lives.


Have FUNN with these new activities.


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