Humour is one of the best ways to know people, which makes funny get-to-know-you questions & icebreakers perfect for introductions.


Humour connects people, as it offers opportunities not only to learn more about a person but it also helps them to feel more comfortable with one another. Laughter is the best asset to build relationships, an effective icebreaker, and a fantastic equaliser; a universal language that cuts through barriers, whether religious, cultural, or economic.

To break the ice during meetings, conferences, and introductions with laughter-filled interaction, one of the best activities you can do is funny get-to-know-you questions.

Typically, asking such questions is a fantastic way to disarm someone and forge that initial connection. Lighthearted get-to-know-you games also build an open, pleasant atmosphere that can invite more relaxed, meaningful conversations.


Importance of Humour in Team-Building & Icebreakers


Why is it vital to inject humour when we are getting to know someone or breaking the ice? It’s because it offers these social benefits:

  • keeps the room alive;
  • makes participants feel warm, open, and interactive;
  • makes it easier to connect to people;
  • remedies awkward social and cultural interactions;

Icebreakers like get-to-know-you games aim to be fun and funny, intending to help participants enjoy meeting each other and creating genuinely pleasant discussions. When people feel more at ease with each other, they can express themselves and communicate better, which leads to better teamwork and productivity, whether at work, in school, a meeting, or a training session.
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Funny Get-to-Know-You Questions Ideas & Samples


Thinking up funny conversation starters and appropriate questions to ask isn’t easy, especially on the spot. Below are some get-to-know-you samples from playmeo’s activity database that will help fill the room with fun and laughter.

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