The Face Value of SCRABBLE Tiles

There are many activities featured in playmeo’s online activity database that benefit from the use of the alphabet letters as used in the commercial board game SCRABBLE, including Four-Letter Word, Keyboard, Starts With and Take Two.

A common trivia question is: What are the points or face value of SCRABBLE tiles or letters?

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What Are SCRABBLE Letters Worth?


The full set of 100 x SCRABBLE letters has a total face value of 187 points.

The points value of each individual letter is:

1 point – A   E   I   O   U   L   N   S   T   R
2 points – D   G
3 points – B   C   M   P
4 points – F   H   V   W   Y
5 points – K
8 points – J  X
10 points – Q  Z


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