A powerful strategy to level up your workforce is holding fun corporate team-building activities & events, aimed to foster better collaboration & communication amongst the team.


In a corporate setting, team-building encourages growth in employees, from improving work performance to facilitating their personal development. Businesses can use these activities when they experience a milestone- a merger, product launch, or anniversary.

Team-building exercises are also a valuable tactic in boosting a more productive group mindset before the team tackles a large project or during kick-off meetings.

But above all, team-building helps alleviate work stress and tension. With a stress-free environment, people are happier and give their best, therefore increasing productivity.

In a way, you can look at team-building as a sort of event marketing where your primary audience is your employees and colleagues.


Benefits of Corporate Team-Building Activities at Work


Taking time to upskill and engage your employees, as well as strengthen relationships within your business has an overall positive impact.

In particular, well-facilitated and fun corporate team-building games offer these benefits to your workplace:

  • Reduces work stress
  • Creates opportunities for constructive criticism
  • Can mean a faster onboarding process for new hires
  • Addresses and resolves conflicts in the present
  • Prevents current conflicts to happen again in the future
  • Dramatically increases productivity and on-the-job effectiveness
  • Fosters great company culture
  • Builds trust, which is essential for a high-performing team
  • Sparks new relationships and lasting partnerships amongst team members

If you are particularly interested in energising your team during long meetings or monotonous tasks, check out our fun energiser games.

Corporate Team-Building Activity Ideas


A corporate team-building event may have people expecting boring activities. Choose exercises that are fun, creative, and engaging. Adults, after all, are just grown-up kids that need to play to draw out their creative side.

The pictures below provide links to samples of delightful corporate team-building activities from playmeo’s innovative activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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