Conversation icebreakers offer a great way for people to get to know someone’s likes, dislikes & strengths, and help team members understand each other’s roles in problem-solving.


While it may seem easy to get to know people, getting friendly exchanges started and building rapport can sometimes take a little push.

Ice-breaking activities can also be crucial in helping to build an understanding of team dynamics. To be able to develop and support fluid, flexible teams, individuals will need to appreciate each other. Communicating doesn’t need to be stilted or forced. Breaking the ice can help to find mutual opportunities for interesting discussion and analysis.


Characteristics of Conversation Icebreakers


Ice-breaking activities focus on fun. Even for extroverts, starting chats with strangers and new friends can sometimes be challenging. Exercises that help us to break the ice can help people meet each other on a simple, conversational level.

When working with new team members or meeting new colleagues, it is important to create a friendly and open culture. Friendly talk allows for clearer idea flow and debate. Therefore, it is likely to help make discussions more productive in the long run.

Conversation starters, through virtual conferencing or otherwise, allows people to set the tone. Some characteristics of these activities may include:

  • Fun opportunities to explore likes, dislikes, and personalities
  • Chances for colleagues to learn more about one another
  • Routes through which participants can feel confident in showing their true colours and professional strengths
  • Problem-solving opportunities and chances for broader debate – without the fear of judgement or reproach
  • Team-building and establishment – allowing each other to learn about equal opportunities and positions in a wider workplace culture
  • Rapport building opportunities free from judgement


Crucially, these activities will allow participants to express themselves in fun and original ways confidently. Many people use icebreakers to relax and to remove the need for small talk.


Conversation Icebreaker Ideas


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