Choosing Is An Attitude

More and more I have come to the conclusion that one of the most powerful attributes of success for an individual or a group is their ability to CHOOSE.

This concept is powerfully reflected in the conversation which follows one of my favourite welcome activities – Elevator Air. Click the link to learn more about this powerful exercise, but it rarely misses the mark in setting the tone of my programs.

We all want to work with people who are responsible, respectful, caring, committed, organised, etc. Sometimes, these attributes are described as gifts. They are not.

These attributes – including many others such as creative, punctual, honest, positive –  can all be learned. Which makes them a choice. One can choose to be honest, or not. One can choose to be organised, or not.

In my humble opinion, choosing is an attitude.

Next time someone tells you that they are not creative, or not trustworthy, or not generous – tell them they are not being fair. To themselves or their group. All of these attributes can be learned.

To learn, to be ‘coachable’ so to speak, you simply choose.

Which leads me to ask, … who are you choosing to be today?


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