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If you’re looking to connect with Mark or simply ‘pick his brain,’ you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


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Mark Collard
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I get asked a lot by many people if they can ‘pick my brain.’

Grab a coffee, do lunch, connect on a phone or Zoom call, etc. Twenty minutes here, 30 minutes there. You know the drill.

Every fibre of my being wants to say “YES” – after all, I’m in the business of helping people connect. And I am deeply aware of and grateful for the many powerful connections I have formed in a career that spans 30+ years.

In practice though, I simply do not have the time to satisfy all of these requests. Evidently, I am not superhuman.

In an effort to respect my commitment to playmeo members and a busy calendar, I often have to say no. It’s never personal, I simply can not manage it all.

Here’s the good news…

I’ve developed a number of resources that respect and leverage your time and mine. Scroll down this page to browse all of the ways I can help you.

Thanks for reaching out.

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Free coaching and mentor support (at any time) is just one of the many benefits of being a playmeo member. That’s right, free.

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‘Pick Your Brain’ Session


Book a one-on-one consultation with me to earn my full attention. I promise you will leave our time together feeling inspired and overflowing with new ideas.

These sessions are ideal if you want to:

  • Review the design &/or effectiveness of a new or existing program;
  • Learn how to engage your groups more effectively;
  • Discuss the perfect group game or activities to meet your program needs;
  • Discover how to adapt your in-person activities to a virtual setting;
  • Explore how to build stronger connections and trust in your group;
  • Discuss how to write a book;
  • Explore the secrets behind playmeo’s successful business model; or
  • Be mentored in your journey to become an experiential trainer like me.


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Free Stuff


playmeo offers a wide variety of free program resources to get you started:

  • A free Group Games App for smartphone and tablet devices;
  • Browse dozens of free group games & activities as featured in our online database;
  • Download our free ebook Top Ten Ice-Breaker & Group Games – see footer; and
  • Watch our online learning series of free Facilitator Tips video tutorials.

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Learn More About My Journey


Visit this page to learn more about my personal and professional journey to fully appreciate my 30+ year overnight success.

Free eBook:
Top Ten Icebreakers & Group Games

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