Activity Ideas for Young Children

A common question from teachers and group leaders is to know how they can filter all of the content in playmeo’s activity database based on the age of the participants.

In short, the answer is: You can’t – but you don’t need to.

Then this question arrived in my inbox from a playmeo member, so I figured it deserved a little more attention.

What activities do you recommend for a group of children aged 6 to 11 years?

Here’s an extract of my answer:

Generally speaking, there is little difference between the activities I present to a group of children compared to a group of adults. Sure, my framing, sequencing and emphasis may differ, but the experiences are essentially the same, so age is of little relevance to me most of the time.

To this end, playmeo’s activity search engine does not feature a filter for the age of participants. Otherwise, we would need to tick almost every age bracket for every activity, making the filter pretty useless.

Given that, in some cases, you are working with children younger than 9 or 10 years of age, I suggest you read a more detailed response to this question that reflects nuance in our FAQs > Can I search for activities based on age?

Now, with that out of the way, here’s a bunch of fun, interactive and relationship-building activities I have used with great success with young people who I refer to as primary school-aged children (in no particular order:)


Of course, this is a very short list of possible activity ideas suitable for young children. If you need more ideas or help, please contact me by clicking the button below.

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