Back Woman lying on ground with arms and legs in air playing Dead Ant Tag game

Dead Ant Tag

Zany & highly-interactive tag game for large groups.

  • Very playful & fun
  • Highly-interactive
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Ideal for large groups

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    Contributor Mark Collard

    User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (2)
    4.00 avg. rating (79% score) - 1 vote

    1. Jamazurunner

      Super fun game for large groups of kiddos!

      Note that not all students feel comfortable being carried- we implemented a few modifications for those students to help them feel more comfortable and successful in this game.

      Level 1: Students sit criss cross with “jazz hands.” They receive a high five from another ant which gets them back into the game
      Level 2: Students lie down with feet on the ground, two hands up. Two ants grab one hand then drag the student to hoop.
      Level 3: Same as the activity listed

    User Reviews, Comments & Ideas...

    Have you played this activity? What worked, what didn't work? What type of group? Do you have useful advice for other users? Do you know a fun variation?

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