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Three people using hands to tap their knees as part of large group exercise called Coming & Going of the Rain

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Coming & Going of the Rain

Very soothing & entertaining large group energiser.

Look Up Look Down

Engaging, highly interactive & fun group energiser.

Thumb Wrestling In Stereo

Fun variation of the classic thumb-wrestling contest.

Clapping Game

Entertaining audience-participation clapping exercise.

Getting into Pairs

Fun partner-matching strategies based on random criteria.

Copy Claps

Infectious copy-cat game to get your group's attention.

Getting Into Teams

Fun team-forming strategies based on random criteria.

Cocktail Party

Ice-breaker that invites people to playfully mix & mingle.

One Minute Debrief

Quick, unstructured strategy to process an experience.

Paired Shares

Non-threatening method to invite sharing in a group.