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Set of alphabet letters used in Crossword Names games

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Crossword Names

Engaging icebreaker to introduce name-knowing to groups.

Blind Name-Tag

Fun & quirky name-game ideal for virtual audiences.

Curiosity Ping Pong

Engaging strategy that promotes random interaction.

Air Names

Simple name-game energiser you can't get wrong.


Structured ice-breaker for in-person & virtual gatherings.

Card Talk

Simple & wonderfully random strategy to invite sharing.

Unofficial Start

Strategies that facilitate early engagement & interaction.

Bum Steer

Amusing get-to-know-you-better stunt for all groups.

Four-Letter Word

Highly interactive ice-breaker, energiser & team event.

Letter Connection

Simple, interactive ice-breaker with many variations.


One of those frustrating, yet very fun rhythmic name-games.


Fun, coordinated & highly interactive partner activity.

Playing Card Mixers

Series of fun, engaging & random ways to mix people.

Motion Name-Game

Classic name-game with fun, energetic movements.

Balloon Propulsion Greetings

Fun energiser that inspires connections in your group.

Names Stock Market

Highly interactive card game to learn names quickly.

ID Numbers

Creative & numerical strategy to get to know people.

Who Is It?

Elimination get-to-know-you game wrapped in a mystery.

Name-Tag Mania

A creative, interactive use for name-tags.

Peek A Who

A compelling name-this-person-quickly name-game.


Making Connections

Simple ice-breaker to connect group members to others.

Name Swap

Interactive name card game with friendly competition.

Crosstown Connections

Rapid & highly interactive greeting exercise for groups.

Name Train

Introductory group initiative that creates random pairs.