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People holding onto base of pipe filled with water trying to turn it upside-down

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Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.

Blind Maze

Team-based problem-solving exercise for small groups.

Phones & Faxes

Fun group initiative to explore the skill of multitasking.

Blind Polygon

Classic group initiative to sharpen communication skills.

Overhand Knot

Terrific group problem-solving exercise to teach perspective.


Dramatic trust-building game to explore impacts of competition.

Spaghetti Junction

Complex group initiative using simple equipment.

Active Listening

Fun exercise to promote & build active listening skills.

Ally Oop

Simple, active & extremely fun group initiative.

Hot Box

Complex & fast-paced skipping rope group initiative.

County Fair

Fun deductive-reasoning puzzle for small groups.


Extremely fun & energetic life-sized board game for teams.

Twelve Bits

Intriguing logic puzzle designed to be solved in groups.


Powerful trust-building initiative for partners & groups.

Aristotle’s Cafe

Powerful discussion model to explore & share complex ideas.

One-Line Electric Fence

Extremely adaptable version of classic group initiative.

Freeze Action

Gentle interactive movement exercise to show leadership.

Water World

One of the best large group excuses for getting wet.

Number Shuffle

Very simple energising team-building exercise.


Trust Fall

Highly dynamic team activity dedicated to building trust.

Treasure Hunt

Fun navigational exercise to build observation skills.

Scavenger Hunt

Mobile & active team challenge where nothing is hidden.


Exciting team-based, pattern-finding group initiative.

Be Prepared

Raucous medley of spontaneous small group activity fun.