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People holding onto base of pipe filled with water trying to turn it upside-down

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Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.

Blind Maze

Team-based problem-solving exercise for small groups.

Treasure Hunt

Fun navigational exercise to build observation skills.

Be Prepared

Raucous medley of spontaneous small group activity fun.

All Aboard

Ground-based challenge to foster planning & creativity.

Capture The Flags

Exhausting variant of a classic team-based wide game.

Warp Speed

Classic problem-solving exercise to inspire creativity.

All Catch

Progressively challenging & creative group initiative.

Cold Shoulder

Zany, small group initiative that demands quick thinking.


Marshmallow Challenge

Classic problem-solving exercise for small teams.

BF Skinner

Extremely fun & creative audience participation exercise.

Stepping Stones

Classic group initiative that inspires collaboration.

Madagascar Rescue

Playful variation of the Stepping Stones initiative.

Perfect Circle

Fun & rapid circle-forming strategy.

Let Me Introduce

Unique & highly interactive method of introductions.