5 Learning Strategies That Inspire Curiosity

Stumbled across this post from Terry Heick, a US-based educator focused on social improvement through learning innovation, and Director of Curriculum, TeachThought.

He argues, these five key learning strategies inspire students to be curious. Perhaps it goes without saying, but once you have ‘curious’ you can bet that ‘engagement’ will surely follow.

Note, that the third, fourth and fifth strategies all point to the value of integrating a playful, adventurous approach to learning in your curricula:

  • Play – because it gives students a reason to engage with their learning;
  • Collaboration – because it’s all about developing confidence and interpersonal skills in this 21st century
  • Unpredictable – which is another word for ‘adventure’ – unanticipated outcomes – because it nurtures discovery.

How well do these strategies that inspire curiosity stack up in your program?

At playmeo, we believe that group games and activities are a powerful (not to mention, attractive) way to engage people in their learning and help people connect with one another. We also know that strong relationships amplify the results of whatever we’re trying to get done.

What do you think?


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