When conducting meetings or classes using video conferencing apps, you need an innovative way to inject fun & energy into the session, like virtual Zoom icebreakers.


For remote workers and virtual classes, meetings can often be dull and stilted, making it hard to be productive and concentrate. To shake things up a bit, facilitators are using online icebreaker games, which are an essential component of virtual sessions if you need a quirky and innovative way to get your meetings off to a great start!

When video conferencing, sessions can sometimes be a bit awkward and one of the best ways to handle and maneuver away from this awkwardness is through humour and laughter. Whether you are conducting an introduction session among new members or need a warm-up before tackling a new project for a staff meeting,

Zoom icebreakers can help lighten the mood, emulate natural conversation, and set the tone of the session from the start. Using these laughter-filled games may even get the team’s creative juices flowing and make for a productive meeting in the end.


Facilitating Zoom Icebreakers


Here are some things you should remember when conducting activities using video conferencing.

  • Think about your goals for the activity. Do you want new members to feel they are part of the community after the game? Do you want to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each member? Or do you want to energise your team before a long session? By having a goal in mind, it will be easier to identify the ideal icebreaker for your meeting.
  • Relate the activity to the meeting’s topic or course. Grab the chance to get the participants to think about the content of the session and help them set their expectations.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Icebreakers should be short, simple, and light-hearted, aiming to break the ice among members and create a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere for all involved.

If you are particularly interested in activities that raise and boost the energy of your group, you can check out our energising warm-up games for brilliant ideas and examples.


Zoom Icebreaker Activity Ideas


These online icebreakers over Zoom, drawn from playmeo’s vast activity database, will help you energise your next virtual meeting and offer your team an opportunity to have fun together. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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