Zany Small Group Tasks

The activities featured in this list are ideal for small groups that are invited to work together to complete a fun, short & often energetic task.

Many of these small group tasks are designed for fun community-building games such as Be Prepared, BlueStarOpoly and many other crazy tabloid-sports team-based games.

If you’re looking to mix it up with a few passive, brain-teaser kinds of ideas, take a peek at Wordles, Acronyms, Alphabet Equations, Minute Mysteries, Name That List and Mastermind Relay.

Standing next to each other, form a straight line and perform the ‘Wave’ up and down the line three times.

Shake the hands of at least three people in another group.

Everyone swap a piece of outer clothing with someone else in your group and wear it.

Inflate a balloon and have everyone in your group touch the balloon, without touching anyone else in the group.

Everyone whistle a full verse of “Oh, When The Saints Come Marching In.”

Spend three minutes to create a team cheer. Wait to be called upon to present it to the other groups.

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Standing up, form the word – B E A C H – with your bodies.

Carefully jump on the back of another person in your group and be piggy-backed around the perimeter of the room/hall/playing space and return to your spot.

Inflate a balloon and have everyone in your group touch the balloon without touching anyone else in the group.

Build the tallest free-standing structure you can in two minutes using only your shoes/footwear.

Sing and perform the full Hokey Pokey song and dance for two different parts of your anatomy, eg “You put your left foot in…”

Pick a partner in your group and waltz with them for 15 seconds.

Involving everyone, perform one complete line of leapfrog.

Everyone lies down on their backs with arms and legs flailing in the air and wiggling saying “DEAD ANT, DEAD ANT, DEAD ANT…”

In classic operatic style, everyone sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Spend one minute to form the most bizarre ‘group sculpture’ in which every group member must be physically touching another person, but no more than two feet can be touching the floor (other parts of your anatomy can touch the floor.)

While sitting down, form a circle holding hands. Then stand up as a group while not letting go of your partner’s hands.

Take five minutes to share and determine who has the best, funniest, yet cleanest joke in your group. Nominate this person to tell their joke to the whole group when called.

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Sing one verse of [ enter the name of your National Anthem. ]

Everyone approach [ enter name of a leader or another key person ] and shake their hand.

Nominate one person to speak spontaneously for 60 seconds non-stop about bananas.

Name five movies that are currently screening at your local cinema.

Everyone stands, joins hands and rotates clockwise two times in a circle, stops and then rotates two times in the other direction.

Everyone gets down on their hands and knees and barks like a dog.

From a seated position, everyone stands up, claps three times and then sits down.

Form pairs holding hands with one other person in your group and skip around the perimeter of every other group.

Nominate or involve as many people in your group to drink a receptacle filled with one litre of water. Your group will be disqualified if any water hits the ground.

Form a straight line according to the date of birth (not including year) of each team member, from 1st January to 31st December.

Using a full deck of cards, build the tallest house of cards in three minutes.

Form a conga-line and dance around the perimeter of the room.

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