Your Relationship With The Future

Followers of this blog will know that I am a BIG fan of Seth Godin’s work. Indeed, I consider his art a real gift.

His post asks me today to consider – what relationship with the future will I choose?

Pondering, it occurs to me that this is such a critical question to consider in the context of our groups because people generally fall into one of two camps:

  1. Some people believe that the future will be better, brighter, full of new ideas and exciting opportunities, glass-half-full sort of stuff; or
  2. Others, sadly the bigger camp, tend to view the future with a sigh because they believe it will be bleaker, more of the same-old same-old, glass-half-empty, as Seth says, one step closer to the end.

Both choices are valid. But only one is powerful and has the ability to make a difference.

Inviting your group, your staff, your students, to get profoundly related to the fact that the future is not pre-destined and they, in fact, HAVE A CHOICE, the future suddenly opens up.

You (and the people you lead) can choose to live into a future that is bright, or not. Viewing tomorrow, or whatever comes next, through this lens is nothing if it’s not full of possibility.


For a further discussion on the power of choice, read this.


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