Why Active Learning Is Important

Students who perform short bursts of physical activity during class perform better than their sedentary peers, according to new international research.

Once again, we have more evidence which supports the view that the more we can engage young people in physical activity, the more effective their learning will be. Here are two useful resources which encourage active learning in our schools.


International Research


One study, a meta-analysis of 42 studies worldwide, was conducted by University College London and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. It’s the first study to report on the impact of physically active lessons on academic performance as well as the health and well being outcomes.

The main takeaway of this study was that integrating physical activity into school lessons is linked to better test scores than having students sit still through an entire class. Or, in other words, kids who aren’t glued to their seats perform better. Click the button below to read more about this study.

View Research


Active Learning of Maths & Literacy


In an earlier post, we introduced you to the powerful and physically active learning tools of Tagtiv8.

If you’re looking for ideas which engage your students in a variety of physically active exercises to help them learn mathematics and literacy skills, click this link.

Take a minute to watch the interview below featuring Bryn Llewellyn, founder of Tagtiv8, speak to the reasons it is important for schools to encourage more physical activity in their curriculum. This presentation was produced by HundrED* in recognition of Tagtiv8s being acknowledged as one of the most inspiring educational innovations in 2020.



* HundrED is a non-profit organisation that seeks and shares inspiring innovations in K-12 education across the globe. playmeo intends to apply for the 2021 awards.


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