Virtual trust-building activities can help your team members recognise each other’s skills, which in turn will help increase productivity & maintain positive energy in the workplace.


Work productivity is improved when every member of the group trusts and supports one another. When there is communication and support amongst your team, it fosters a collaborative environment where staff can seek assistance from one another without the fear of judgement or contempt. This creates a frictionless work environment for your team where ideas and development can flourish!

Virtual trust-building activities that do not require all participants to be in the same room are perfect if your company has remote workers, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Activities that are fun and engaging while fostering trust for each other will help set the mood for a positive start to the day, week, or even for a conference or a meeting.


Essential Characteristics of Virtual Trust-Building Activities


Successful trust-building games and activities all share the following characteristics:

  • Contains a common goal or objective to complete an activity
  • Teaches the participants to face fears and make the most of a situation
  • Shows that teamwork is necessary to achieve success
  • Encourages team members to communicate efficiently
  • Helps build respect and trust in a teammate’s skills, opinions, and ideas


Trust Building Ideas for Virtual Settings


Below are just some examples of our top trust-building activities that you can try with your remote workers. These are taken from playmeo’s expanding and comprehensive activity database.

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