Virtual ice breakers are ideal for helping to bring people together & foster strong relationships in an online environment.


Online activities are designed to be simple to engage with through remote video calling and conferencing. Best of all, these games will help team members to understand each other’s strengths and personalities.

Similar to team-building exercises, but on a smaller scale, ice breakers appeal to people of all ages. They allow the team to make quick in-roads towards interpersonal appreciation, and towards building clearer communication.

These energising exercises will help people open up to one another from afar, and to help build confidence.


Characteristics of Virtual Ice Breakers


Virtual ice breakers are designed to be used in situations where physical networking and team-building are not possible. These exercises are designed to be fun, inspiring, and altogether a little bit different.

Features of online ice breakers may include:

  • Word and association games suitable for remote conferencing
  • Question and answer games that reveal more about your personality and skills
  • Opportunities for team members to get to know their supervisors and managers
  • Flexible games and exercises to help people show their innate strengths as part of a larger team
  • Exercises that require little physical engagement, instead of focusing on interpersonal skills
  • Problems that a group can solve remotely from one another.

There are many benefits to hosting ice-breaking games and exercises virtually. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring together team members who work remotely, or in an international office location.

It is also cost-effective to host online panels as there are no travel or room hire costs, for example.

At a distance or in person, breaking the ice is important for helping to let personalities shine because effective team-building does not just revolve around harnessing skills or attributes. It is just as much about learning more about our individual personalities and working styles.


Virtual Ice Breaker Ideas


Coming up with your own activities can be difficult. It’s, therefore, a great idea to look for pre-made games and exercises. Even better, you should look for ice breakers that you and your team can enjoy in a virtual environment.

If you are considering setting up distanced meetings or work environments, why not get a playmeo membership? As a member, you will have access to tried-and-tested activities built for online conferencing.

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