Challenge Course activities involve heightened opportunities for groups & individuals to work together, solve problems & have fun.


When designed and facilitated appropriately, they are a powerful educational tool and can amplify the learning outcomes of many traditional training methods.

There are two primary types of Challenge Course activities – low and high, distinguished not by their height but by the way participants are kept safe. Low challenge course activities require other participants to act as spotters whereas all high challenge course activities use a safety belay system.


Essential Characteristics of Low Challenge Course Elements


Similar to many team-building group initiatives, most low challenge course elements feature the following characteristics:

  • Constructed of wood, rope and cable and assembled between trees or poles;
  • Physical and verbal interaction among group members to solve a physical task;
  • High levels of arousal, excitement and frustration, where patience is often required;
  • Opportunities for leadership, trust, communication and group co-operation to emerge;
  • Employ a ‘trial-and-error’ approach to learning; and
  • Focus on the process, and not just the task at hand.


Challenge Course Activity Ideas


The images below provide links to a sample of popular challenge course activities drawn from playmeo’s searchable online activity database.

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