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Leadership Tips

Two Success Truths

Two nights ago I attended a business networking event with fifty other entrepreneurs, and I was reminded of two truths behind success in business, or indeed any successful enterprise:

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

80% of Success is Simply Showing Up

These two truths, or general principles, are basically saying the same thing – DO THE WORK.

So, the question is, what ‘work’ do you need to do/follow-up on/show up for?

Me? I need to upload a ton of new content onto playmeo. More than 40 activities and video tutorials have been waiting in the wings for months – it’s now time to do the work, and upload them… stay tuned.

By the way, read Steven Pressfield’s book called Do The Work – it’s one of the most important books you’ve never read on this topic. Short, powerful and totally unmissable.


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