Trust building exercises for small groups will create an environment where team members can develop strong connections & learn to trust & depend on each other.


There are different ways to promote bonding and trust within your team to increase productivity and build strong connections. Even if there is already familiarity amongst team members, deepening their trust for one another will improve their bond and have a big impact on relationships.

Trust-building exercises will teach them to work together harmoniously and see each other as an important part of the group. Building trust gives members a chance to understand how they can better work with others for the benefit of all.


Essential Characteristics of Trust Building Exercises for Small Groups


There are times when people can feel unfamiliar with others in their group, even if they have been working in the team for some time. These types of activities will help individuals in a team overcome this by promoting stronger trust bonds and giving team members a sense of connection.

These activities must have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Activities should allow all group members to participate
  • Exercises should involve strong communication within the team
  • Collaboration must be encouraged at all times
  • Activities must work towards achieving a certain goal which is to deepen trust amongst each other

Your exercises must meet the majority of these characteristics to better achieve the goal. Activities involving all participants are the best option to deepen and make trust between team members last longer.

All-inclusive exercises tie teams closer together. Trust is something you cannot force, which is why it is important to allow your team to participate in activities like these. They help team members learn to play a role in the success of your people or organisation and help them better work together to reach a specific result.

The perfect activity, when implemented properly, will allow them to confidently face any challenges, and will create a collaborative environment that makes each member see everybody as an important part of the group without leaving anyone feeling left out.


Trust Building Activity Ideas


You’ll be thrilled to know how these kinds of activities will help bring a group closer together.

Check out some fun and interactive trust building activity exercises for small groups from playmeo’s extensive database of activities below.

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