Top 5 List of Indoor Team Building Activities & Games

When thinking about our top list of indoor team building activities, it was extremely difficult to narrow our focus to anything less than twenty ideas. Interactive team-building games and activities are our ‘bread & butter’ so it’s a hard task to share an all-time favourite list, but here goes…

Almost every team building game we share in our popular online activity database can be played indoors, with adults as much as young people. So, to help narrow our focus, we relied heavily on those which required few if any props and could be played in a limited space, which for many programs is a reality.


Indoor Team Building Activities


To help you get started, we provide a short description for each of our favourite indoor team events below. Of course, they can also be presented outside, but these are ideally suited for the indoors. Click the links for detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

Note, these activities also double as a wonderful list of team building games for kids because they are simple, fun and easy to present and work just as well with young people as they do with adults. For the most part, the only difference between adults and kids when leading group games is your language and the level of difficulty you may choose to pitch in these exercises.

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1. Leaning Tower of Feetza

This is one of the quickest and simplest team challenges we know. Split into small teams and then give them three minutes to build the tallest free-standing tower they can with their shoes. The tallest tower wins, voila!

2. Paper Holding

This team challenge seems so easy until you get started. Grab a ream of paper (preferably used or discarded), split into small teams and issue the instructions to keep as many sheets of paper off the ground as possible. You need to see the video tutorial to see what happens next.

3. Poker Face

A regular deck of playing cards is one of the most versatile props we know, and it’s all you need to play this team-building exercise. Once again, it’s simple, but not easy. Be sure to check out reflection notes to help you squeeze the most value from this group initiative.

4. Alter Shake

Got no props, no problem! Simply invite your group to stand together in an open space, and issue the instruction to complete a unique hand-shaking task. Once again, an easy set-up but far from easy execution. Expect ample opportunities to focus on planning, systems and effective communication.

5. Name Train

This team-building challenge serves as a useful name reminder (for new groups) as much as an awesome team activity. Most groups of 20+ people can complete this task within 5-8 minutes, but success does vary. In an effort to produce a connected train of names, your group may need you to apply a liberal dose of “name first-aid” to remedy an impasse if they get stuck.


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