Top Blog Posts for 2021

If you’re new to playmeo, or have just been too busy to absorb all of our content this year, this post is going to save you a lot of time. It will share a quick overview of the most valuable blog posts for 2021.

FYI, playmeo attracts between 60K to 80K visits a month, so when we explore what is popular or most valuable we tabulate both quantitative (traffic & comments) and qualitative (shares & content) factors and data.


Our Top Articles for 2021


Trust Fall or Fall from Height?

This post set a cat among the pigeons for the diversity of opinion it attracted. If you use the Trust Fall activity as part of your adventure-based program, this blog post is a must-read. It posits the reasons for changing the name of the activity in the interests of preserving the adventure of the experience, but not everyone was convinced. What do you think?

Is Connection the Same as Belonging?

These are two terms that are often used interchangeably but are not necessarily the same thing or at least, some believe they achieve different objectives. If you’re in the business of helping people connect with one another (or feel a sense of belonging) then this is definitely worth a read.

What are the Best Icebreaker Questions?

This was by far our most popular post for the year. It seemed that everyone wanted to (a) know what the top ten list of questions were, and (b) offer their own questions to add to the list. No matter your interest, if you enjoy posing a series of non-traditional (interesting) questions to your group for the purposes of sharing, you’ll love this post, too.

The Power of LEGO Bricks

Who doesn’t love LEGO, hey? This post struck a chord with many of our members and users. It was inspired by a conversation in one of our Learning Pod sessions and took off online. If you love LEGO, or if you’re looking for new activity ideas that are sure to attract the attention of your groups, take a look at this post.

What to do with Large Groups in Tight Spaces?

For folks who work a lot with very large groups – think conferences – and often in very tight spaces – think auditoriums – this blog post is for you. It will equip you with a bunch of awesome activity ideas that work with large (or small) groups in tight (or generous) spaces. Have fun.


But this ain’t it for 2021 – we have a bunch of useful posts scheduled for the remainder of this year.

Who knows, maybe there’s a post coming up in December that will outrank all of these?

Happy browsing.


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