Thoughts Become Things

I’ve been a big believer in the principle of ‘I become what I think.’

This is just another way of saying BE – DO – HAVE.

Who I am BE-ing at the moment informs my DO-ing and this results in the getting of the things I HAVE.

For example, if I am being courageous, I am compelled to act (do) like someone who is being courageous, and only by acting in this manner, do I get to receive (have) the results of someone who is courageous.

It’s the old story – you only get results from action. Or, you miss every shot you don’t take.

If this resonates with you, then check out TUT.com (Totally Unique Thoughts) – they too believe in this philosophy – indeed, their motto is Thoughts Become Things – Choose The Good Ones. Sign up to their free Notes From The Universe series, and TUT will send you a short, inspiring, good thought every day to your inbox.

So, who are you being today?

ps: This concept alone has had a massive impact on my facilitation and the results I have achieved with many of my groups. This point is exemplified in the activity Elevator Air in which I ask the question: Which one of you are you going to BE today?


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