The Future Is Diverse & Unexpected

Here’s a terrific TEDx Talk by Frans Johansson, which will inspire you to look at how two apparently unrelated things, can create totally unexpected results.

For example, consider what can be created when you combine a bikini with a burqa. Or a termite mound with a multi-story building.

Frans speaks in terms of ‘intersections,’ that place where two unrelated elements overlap. He inspires me to look at pretty much anything, and consider what could be created. Which, if you think about it, many of the best ideas started out this way.

For example, combine a telephone and a computer, you get a digital smartphone. Yet even 20 years ago, the thought of combining these two elements would have seemed absurd, because who would want to carry around a 5kg desk-top computer in their pocket, much less hold it to their mouth and speak into it 🙂

Group activities can be a fun and engaging way to inspire creative and innovative thought. Check out some of these activities in playmeo’s activity database.

Enjoy Frans’s 18-minute talk.


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  1. Phil Brown


    I just watched the TED Talk video you posted on your blog with Frans Johansson and was immediately inspired to give something a go. I own a large collection of activities books related to team games and initiatives and have begun to see a repetition of ideas just with different props being used. Every year a handful of new books come out and i am most often disappointed to find im just paying for the same thing just packaged slightly different.

    The video gave me an idea…….why not take objects, places, ideas, far related from our usual teambuilding train of thought (not throwables , rope, webbing, cones, etc) and try to come up with some truly new activities. Im personally challenging myself to come up with 10 activities in 10 days (the time limit will encourage me not to over think, plus its ok is some of the ideas suck) and ill let you know how it goes.

    Maybe a good idea for a blog post would be to challenge readers to come up with ideas using that same principle and see what we can create as a collective group. I see a new book in the future!


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