The Dice Game – Fun Table Activity

I don’t get many opportunities to be a participant, but I took advantage of US-based facilitator Jim Cain‘s workshop tour of Australia this month to learn some new games.

Here’s a truly fun table activity I learned from Jim, which already features in his books (and is now uploaded as part of playmeo’s activity database, called the Double Dice Game.)

Here’s a sneak peek…

Name: The Double Dice Game
: two dice, 1 x pen, paper for everyone
People: As many as you can sit around a table (4 – 10)

What To Do:

One person at a time, the dice are passed around the table. Every time a ‘double’ is thrown (ie 2 two’s or 2 sixes), that person is entitled to pick up the pen and start writing the numbers 1 to 100 on their sheet of paper or index card.

Obviously, the number-writing starts at 1, then 2, etc. The lucky person keeps writing numbers until the next person throws a double, at which point, the pen is passed to them.

If an individual is lucky enough to throw a ‘double’ two or more times as the dice are passed around the table, they simply resume writing the numbers from where they left off (ie they do not re-start at 1).

Thanks for sharing Jim, have FUNN.

For a LOT more details, and a video tutorial, click here.


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