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Tell Me Who You Changed, Not What You Invented

In a world with a seemingly endless supply of ‘innovations,’ what I really care about as an educator is IMPACT.

I could care less for the latest gadget, brilliant group initiative or insightful debriefing technique – what I want to know is… are you making an impact?

Surely impact is what we’re on about, and you don’t need the latest and greatest to make this happen. Sure, I’ll be one of the first in line to embrace a new activity idea or savvy way of doing things.

But, I am constantly challenged to keep in mind what is most important – to facilitate a transformative experience for my group through the lens of play. The playing is not the end, merely the means by which I do my work.

I can teach a monkey to remember a set of rules and present a series of activities, ie the ‘hard skills.’ The tougher, uniquely skilled job is to manage the humans (the ‘soft skills’) who undertake these experiences, to squeeze more than just fun from their outing.

Nothing wrong with new – just explain how it will impact my group, and you’ll have my attention.

(Update 2018:) Check out my latest book which is all about making a difference, called Serious Fun.


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