You can count on team-building icebreakers for meetings & workshops to help your employees feel comfortable & be more productive.


All staff meetings and workshops can benefit from icebreakers when done right. An icebreaker aims to warm up the room before starting a meeting, giving participants time to have fun and get to know each other. When members feel comfortable and relaxed, they will be more inclined to share ideas and have more productive discussions.

But coming up with fun and engaging icebreaker activities is the challenge most companies face. Poorly executed and clichéd icebreakers can make the whole experience embarrassing or dull for the participants.

Breakaway from the clichés and find fun, creative group icebreakers that actually make a difference. It is even better if these activities support your company culture and values! Icebreakers for meetings do not have to follow a specific format, nor do they have to be lame and boring. What is important is that these group activities get people talking, smiling, and feeling energised before the meeting.


Do’s & Don’ts of Meeting Icebreakers


Icebreakers for professionals have different standards than those for schools or kids. As an example, a bad icebreaker for adults in the workplace is one that demands the participants share too much personal information. For good icebreakers, keep the following in mind for examples of appropriate activities for a staff meeting or training session:


  • Ask simple questions (e.g. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?);
  • Have people talk one-on-one;
  • Split people into smaller groups; and
  • Introduce healthy and friendly competition.

Do not:

  • Make people touch one another;
  • Have people share anything too personal;
  • Make people do animal sounds;
  • Make people do silly motions and gestures; and
  • Make anyone catch or throw anything.

When you need to raise the group’s energy and help them focus during a project or task, our warm-up games can refresh their minds and give them that much-needed energy to get through the work.


Ideas for Team-Building Icebreakers for Meetings


Great icebreakers create great work sessions. Try these fun team-building icebreakers for meetings drawn from playmeo’s vast activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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