From breaking the ice to improving memory & problem-solving skills, team-building card games are a useful activity for all ages & mobility levels.


Card games work well in a variety of team-building situations, whether the team is new or has known each other for many years. Games can be used as ice breakers, to get to know each other, to build rapport, improve relationships, test memory, and increase the level of communication between the group.

Problem-solving and critical thinking abilities can also be tested, as team members work together to overcome challenges for a common goal.


Benefits of Team-Building Games


As well as allowing team members to get to know each other or practise their problem-solving skills, card games for team-building come with other benefits:

  • Simple and inexpensive. While other team-building games may require you to purchase certain props or spend time setting up, card games take little preparation. If you don’t already have your own packs of cards on hand, you will find that they are inexpensive to buy and can be reused for future activities.
  • Fun for all ages. Most people are familiar with card games no matter what their age, so incorporating card games into your team-building exercises can spark the interest of all individuals.
  • Suitable for those with less mobility. Many team-building activities require some sort of physical movement, so are not always suitable for team members that are pregnant, injured or have mobility issues. Since card games can be played sitting down at a table or on the floor, all individuals are able to join in.


Team-Building Games using Cards


Card games are a simple yet effective team-building activity that requires little preparation. Depending on the game you choose, you can work on improving relationships within the team, problem-solving skills, memory and collaboration.

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