Fun 60-Minute Team-Building Program

When I first started as an experiential educator, one of the most powerful ways to learn was to emulate the program delivery models of some…

Teambuilding in a Ballet School: A Case Study

The following article is a wonderful case study of what is possible when you combine play, fun and group games & activities in an unexpected…

Connectiles – New Team-Building Puzzle

playmeo is excited to announce the release of its latest team-building puzzle – Connectiles. Connectiles is a colourful and fun team puzzle featuring more than…

This Is Not A Team-Building Program

A colleague, Jeffrey ‘Goose’ Gosnell, reported last week that he has chosen to stop using the term ‘team-building’ when speaking with prospective clients at his…

Two Unlikely Team-Building Ideas

Here are two poor team-building ideas that get under my skin when a client is making decisions in regards to their forthcoming team retreat or…

How To Engage Students In First Week of School

Here’s a sample program of free activities – featured on playmeo’s online games library – you may like to try. There are 60+ minutes of…

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