Connections are key. Credit Perry Grone

Connections Are Key

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode explores the science behind and the practical benefits of building and strengthening connections among the members of your group. The…

Teacher student relationships at school are important. Credit Jerry Wang

The Power of Relationships at School

Here’s a short video produced by the good folk at Edutopia that explores the powerful benefits of developing and nurturing strong & healthy relationships at…

Students together building positive school culture.

How to Build a Positive School Culture

playmeo is seriously committed to building connections because we know that this work helps to amplify whatever we’re trying to get done. In the spirit of connecting,…

Little boy telling stories. Photo credit: Aaron Burden

Tell Me A Story

As a kid, I loved listening to stories, especially those read to me at bed-time by my parents. Today, as a parent myself, I love…