Start By Asking Why?

Here’s a TED Talk that had me pause the video at least a dozen times because I heard so many great insights I just needed to write them down.


In his 2009 presentation, Simon Sinek speaks to the power of the ‘WHY?” behind every decision we make, and … it got me thinking.

What if I could answer the question ‘Why are we doing this…?’ which every person in my training group, or classroom, or team is thinking – would this make a difference? I am absolutely certain it would.

When I can align the feelings and thinking of my group with that of my program, I am certain that my group will be more willing to participate, that our interactions will be more fun and meaningful, and most importantly, I am more likely to achieve my program goals.

Once my group is clear on the Why? – which in my words, is simply setting the tone and invites my group to engage with one another – they will be more willing to enter into the How? of my program, which is often more challenging because it involves higher levels of trust and relationship.

Finally, having established a solid foundation for success, my group is now prepared to embrace the What? of my program – which, generally speaking, is the whole point of the program, ie complete a project, learn a skill, have fun, etc.

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good idea to, first, start by asking why?

Take a look at Simon’s TED Talk, and share your thoughts here…

ps: I’ll speak more on this topic in my forthcoming book


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