Simple Energiser Ideas for Lectures

If you understand why it’s so important to break up your lectures and are looking for lots of new ideas, the latest episode of the Lecture Breakers podcast by Dr Barbi Honeycutt is for you.

I was invited to be a part of this fascinating conversation, and to guide and squeeze the most value from our time together, Barbi asked me to share some of my favourite lecture energiser ideas for four different scenarios:

  1. Ideas for the beginning or start of something such as the beginning of the semester or the start of a new project;
  2. Ideas for debriefing and reflection activities;
  3. Ideas to promote problem-solving and critical thinking; and
  4. Ideas to build trust.

We also talk about how to work with students who are unwilling, resistant, or hesitant to engage in a lecture and why the concepts of ‘play’ and ‘flow’ are so critical in any learning environment.


Lecture Breakers podcast Episode 16: Mark Collard


You can listen to this episode of Barbi’s podcast here or by clicking the image above.

There are many links within the show notes that will direct you to these fun lecture energiser ideas. Or you can start searching by clicking here.


Why Use Lecture Energisers?


It’s no fun sitting through a long, boring lecture, or worse, having to deliver one to a sleepy group of students or colleagues.

Energisers are fantastic for those moments when your group needs to move their bodies, refresh their energy or if you want to inject a little bit of fun and energy into the room. The best energisers are those which require no props, are super-easy to present and run for a minute or two.

The fun exercises I share in the podcast are all available in playmeo’s online database of group games & activities.


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