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Activities with No Equipment Required

One of Jim Cain’s latest activity books – 123 powerful and practical things to do with (mostly) nothing at all. This book is back-pocket size (4.5″ x 6″) with lots of photographs and illustrations. It covers everything from painless icebreakers to team challenges and trust-building activities, to games just for fun, puzzles, reviewing and closing activities.


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For those moments when you have plenty of people, plenty of time and plenty of space but absolutely nothing else, this unique collection of (mostly) no prop activities will come in very handy.

From ice-breakers and get-acquainted activities to creative problem-solving challenges and reviewing techniques, and from quiet small group games to riotous high-energy large group activities, this collection of (mostly) no prop activities can keep any group busy for hours.

It is pocket-sized (4.5″x6″) and comes with lots of photographs and illustrations. This book will show you how to take absolutely nothing and do something wonderful with it.

Written by Jim Cain in 2013 (224 pages.)

ISBN 978 0988 204607

Featured Activities


Playful & energetic circle game to fill-in two minutes.

Bobsled Teams

Hilarious & highly energetic small team energiser.

Robot Walk

Fun & active trust-building exercise for partners.

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