Rock-Paper-Scissors & Tag Combined

A playmeo subscriber from Israel (Eitan) shared a wonderful variation of Head-Butt Tag with me today.

I figured every PE teacher, outdoor educator and youth worker out there should know about it…

At a glance, divide your group into three starting (roughly even) teams:

  • Rock – place hands on own head
  • Paper – place hands on own shoulders
  • Scissors – place hands on own hips

Just like the standard game, Rock beats (tags) Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock.

When a tag is made, the tagee joins the team who tagged him/her. The game continues until only one team remains.

Check out Eitan’s video below to see this wonderful variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors tag game in action:


Can’t wait to try it out.

Have FUNN.


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