Question: How Do I Engage People Who Do Not Switch Their Video On?

A playmeo member asks:

I’ve been hired to conduct a virtual conference session in which the participants are not required to switch their video on (therefore, most will not.) What activities can I present to them in this context?

The member also explained that their client is not using Zoom, which is his preference.

Here’s my response:

Personally, I like to ask my clients to use Zoom because, in my opinion, if they are investing the time and money to build the connections of their team, their investment is most powerfully leveraged using this platform. For this purpose, I will offer to establish the Zoom room at no cost to the client to squeeze the most value from my time with them.

In regards to the activities you could present, I would focus primarily on those which involve audio and chat room features.

A number of activities come to mind including Count Off, Wordles, One Word, Dicebreakers, Card Talk, Year of the Coin, Must Choose, This or That…. actually, there are dozens of possibilities. There are even those which employ the use of video such as Blind Portraits and ID Numbers which will still work for the whole group provided at least a couple of people switch on their videos.

I suggest using playmeo’s search activity tool and clicking the Virtual filter to find dozens more suitable for your needs.

Also, in my experience, the more FUN you make it, the more people will be willing to switch their video on and become engaged.


Honour Choice

I always honour choice (view this video to learn more about this powerful principle,) but at the end of the day, it is MY primary responsibility to create an environment in which people feel comfortable to make appropriate choices (consistent with the goals of my program.)

I am no different to them – if I don’t feel safe, I pull back from participating fully, too. Create a safe place in which to play and many more programming possibilities (not to mention, outcomes) open up for you.

Sadly, too many in our industry do not understand how critical this role is and then complain that they don’t have the right tools, or the right experience, the right group, the right activities, etc.


What do you think?

Please leave a comment below (you need to be a member) and share what you would do in this situation.




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