2020 in Numbers

Well, what a year, hey?

2020 was just a regular, common, garden-variety kind of year, said, no-one 🙂

While I am pleased to say that none of the playmeo team contracted the virus, our (in-person) training business was certainly impacted even if our memberships continued to grow.

As the dusk falls on this year, we thought it useful to reflect back and share some of our highlights in numbers.

39 x new activity ideas uploaded

87 x existing activity variations uploaded

904 x new members joined playmeo

2,412,000 x page views of playmeo resources

5 x new products launched

50,000 Youtube subscriber threshold passed

1,400 x new IGGA Facebook members

72 x new blog posts & articles written

12 x Member’s Only webinars hosted


At a glance, this was our year in numbers.

I should note that one number that did not budge during 2020 was the number of activity video uploads (which still stands at 246.)

While disappointing it is also understandable given our preference to only showcase videos of real groups at play which clearly could not happen for the majority of this year. Fingers crossed this can change in 2021.

Finally, to all of our 60,860+ members and users, we thank you for your continued support during 2020 and wish you a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Keep safe (and wear a mask.)


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