Pizza & PE

One of the most basic no-no’s of any program delivery, especially online, is to eat a meal while presenting. It can be messy, some may consider it a little bit rude, and there is always the chance an errant thread of spinach will get stuck between your teeth.

With this in mind, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I was invited to be part of a podcast in which I was instructed to eat pizza during the conversation.

Enter the Pizza & PE Podcast. As described by Kim Morton, one of the three podcast hosts, it’s just a group of friends eating pizza while discussing PE (physical education.)

It was a blast.

And even though it was early morning for me to join my North Carolinian podcast hosts, I saved a couple of slices of pizza from the night before to consume during the conversation so I did not feel left out.


What Can You Learn from Listening


If you like to consume your media via audio, you might be interested to learn more about:

  • How Mark got involved in the adventure programming field.
  • Why his first youth leadership retreat was so transformative.
  • What makes Australian pizza so Australian?
  • Why icebreakers don’t work.
  • Why fun is the nourishment of one’s soul.
  • Why building relationships matter in school.
  • The scariest experience of Mark’s life.


Click the button below to listen to the latest Pizza & PE podcast episode.

Pizza & PE Podcast



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